Simply Beautiful.

Every day we are faced with the choice- how can I make life better today? What can I say, do, make, give or be to make my life and the lives of others better. Here I want to focus on the positives of life in each day, in each moment. By choosing how we answer those questions in a positive way, we make the world a better place for every single one.

I am trying a new format starting today. I will be posting Studio project and shop updates on Mondays. Each Wednesday I will post a "World Wednesday" update with things found in nature, or other nature related topics. On Fridays I will post a tip or project I suggest. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting change!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Make It Rain

How do you make it rain?  Give up all hope of it happening.  Just stop worrying about it.  That's the advice in so many positive thinking/ "The Secret" style books.  They suggest, or at least many do, that you think and ask and focus on having the thing you want, then you just let it go.  That's worked for me so many times it's no longer just coincidence for me.  I do wish it happened for the really big things like a house...maybe someday.  IF I can stop thinking about it.  It has looked like rain for days now.  We've even had thunder and lightening.  Two nights ago we were close, but we watched a hummer of a storm slip down the other side of the river.  Then the air was so thick you could eat it slowly for the last two days.  Yesterday I was 80, "Yep, rain today, fell it." Nope.  Today I gave up.  I saw that haze and felt the air dripping off of me and just smiled.  "It's just plain thick out here,"was all I would commit to.  No pressure.  Then it rained this evening.  We didn't get tons, but every little bit helps.  So maybe good things come to those who wait, or maybe they come to those who forget.  Probably they come to those who decide to be happy with whichever way it goes, those who decide not to worry and just let things be.  Hope I can be that person more often!