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Every day we are faced with the choice- how can I make life better today? What can I say, do, make, give or be to make my life and the lives of others better. Here I want to focus on the positives of life in each day, in each moment. By choosing how we answer those questions in a positive way, we make the world a better place for every single one.

I am trying a new format starting today. I will be posting Studio project and shop updates on Mondays. Each Wednesday I will post a "World Wednesday" update with things found in nature, or other nature related topics. On Fridays I will post a tip or project I suggest. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting change!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Tip: Yard Sale Pillow Case Magic

There are two plain and simple facts about me.  Okay- many truths could be told, but for today's blog there are two crucial facts.  I love, love, LOVE a bargain and I truly, deeply fear fabric commitment.  Because of the first fact I am pulled into some wonderful yard sales, and I slowly drive by some others.  I went to a fall festival/fundraiser last year at a local church.  There were about fifteen booths of folks just selling their home treasures.  One lovely woman had been renovating her house and was selling all sorts of Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley things.  I bought an awesome tablecloth for a quarter, a shower curtain for a dollar (which was quickly stolen by my daughter for her playhouse and has never seen the light of a bathroom.  Oh well!  I also bought a few pillow cases from her.  I think they were a quarter each.  Normally I skip on pillow cases because of the ewww factor of having something someone else has slept, and possibly drooled on.  Sorry for that image!!  I couldn't pass up these designer ones which had been in a guest room and just looked new.  I brought them home and washed them in hot water three times.  Maybe excessive, but now I felt comfortable and drool free!  In walks our second fact: my fear of fabric commitment.  As a result I have done nothing with these cases for months.  I just can't commit to a project when a week later I might want something else!  The solution: just fold it baby!  I had a boring brown couch pillow just asking to be covered.  I put the pillow down into the bottom of the the case as far as it would go.  Then I wrapped one side of the left over case over the top and down between the pillow and the case on the other side.  I used a flat hand to to even out the excess, now inside against the pillow.  Then I pulled the outside layer of case fabric until I had an even flat line at the top.  That easy!  The fabric stays put really well and It looks great!  Now, if and when I want to commit to something else, I can just take it off.  Looks great and it was truly cheap and easy to do!