Simply Beautiful.

Every day we are faced with the choice- how can I make life better today? What can I say, do, make, give or be to make my life and the lives of others better. Here I want to focus on the positives of life in each day, in each moment. By choosing how we answer those questions in a positive way, we make the world a better place for every single one.

I am trying a new format starting today. I will be posting Studio project and shop updates on Mondays. Each Wednesday I will post a "World Wednesday" update with things found in nature, or other nature related topics. On Fridays I will post a tip or project I suggest. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting change!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun with Pictures

I had some fun with a couple of photos for this week's nature post.  The top shot is of some garlic chives that I used a polarizing effect.  The other is of a lovely hand blown vase on a shelf in my kitchen.  I can't say I made some normal things beautiful- because everything was truly beautiful to begin with.  I spent a lot of time indoors today and I'm not ashamed to admit it!  I have a friend from Indiana who told me she's a reverse weather person.  She explained that she goes out in the winter, but when this hot weather rolls around she becomes a shut-in, tied to the A.C.!  I feel her this week!  Although I truly don't mind the heat, the pressure/humidity combo this week is wrecking my sinuses, so here are some things I love about the great indoors:

* Watching twin fawns wander through the front yard once alone and once, hours later, with their mama.  We decided the mama urged her babies to distract us while she ate the flowers on the other side of the house!  We talked to them through the open window and enjoyed getting to see them up close!  We could even tell that one had a black nose and one had a gray one.  We loved that they were both so beautiful and so individual.

*  Setting up an indoor ice skating rink to practice our figure eights.  We used an iced blue satin sheet spread out in the living room.  Then we put on our slipperiest socks and had a ball!!

* Taking advantage of our library's free shows during the summer.  We saw a fantastic magician.  He was so funny!  The jokes hit the parents and the tricks wowed us all- who could ask for more?

* Cuddling up for a little movie and snack time with a homemade popcorn mix.

I hope you had as much fun today indoors or outdoors!!