Simply Beautiful.

Every day we are faced with the choice- how can I make life better today? What can I say, do, make, give or be to make my life and the lives of others better. Here I want to focus on the positives of life in each day, in each moment. By choosing how we answer those questions in a positive way, we make the world a better place for every single one.

I am trying a new format starting today. I will be posting Studio project and shop updates on Mondays. Each Wednesday I will post a "World Wednesday" update with things found in nature, or other nature related topics. On Fridays I will post a tip or project I suggest. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting change!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Solar Energy

Usually on Fridays I have been doing a project tip or idea for something I think you would love to try.  Today is a little different.  I had a strange day.  For some reason I still can't put my finger on it just did not go smoothly.  The past several days have gone well enough.  When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a sense of direction for my day, what I want to accomplish, things to do with my daughter, places to go, or at least just a vague concept of how the day will flow.  Today I had no direction.  So many things are piled on my mind right now that it seems my brain decided to give up today.  Instead of prioritizing I shut down, jettisoning everything in favor of a vague feeling of discontent that only grew as the day wore on.  I got snappy.  I kept asking myself, "Why am I acting this way?"  Apparently I wasn't on speaking terms with myself today either so I'm still not sure what was going on.  Finally, in the afternoon, I turned to my girl and asked her if she wanted to go outside.  It had stopped raining and the sun shone, okay, blasted down.  I noticed the outdoors had the same effect on me it does every time, but I seem to forget it every time.  Solar energy isn't just an awesome solution for our vehicles and machines!  The sun pushed its way into every pore of  me, filling me with the energy and hope I had been missing all day.  Looking at the flowers brought a smile and a realization that everything is fine and will always be fine.  Mother Nature is a lovely reminder every time I choose to go out.  I came back in a hotter, happier person.